The Capital Update | October 2017

     Welcome to the (Very late) October Project update, First things first my apologies for the delay on this months update. Progress has slowed dramatically due to school and college starting up again, this made it hard to compile what few images i have to show this month.
     Something that i must remind everyone about is that this is a project run by Volunteers, no one is getting paid or has to be doing this. We do this out of love for the Fallout community and the memories that Fallout 3 brings. But right now i need help, as the project manager and lead level designer i have very little time to look into the Scripting and implementation side of things. This has lead to a shockingly small amount of progress when it comes to quest implementation and Scripting.
     So what Im asking is for anyone who loves fallout and wants to support this project please tell your friends that we need Scripters, 3D artists, Level Designers and people with General modding skills using the creation engine to make this project happen. For anyone who wants to take part please fill out the form under our Recruitment tab at the top of the page.
     Now onto the work that has been done, YallKnowWhoItIs has been working on Pennsylvania avenue and has truly shown the power of the Modular Kits Bethesda uses in Fallout 4. Zanthir has moved on to the Arlington Cemetery and the Arlington District. Nihito has started on the Statesman Hotel and all its interiors along with Wellpapp working on Finishing Vault 101. I have been working on Getting the Superduper Mart interior 100% Game ready including proper level lists for all NPCs and containers. I have also given the world some love by working on the Mall and Evergreen Mills.
     Asset wise T4nt3d is working on a Marksman Stock and Grip for his R91 Assault rifle that is available here.
     Xgamer has started the first level of Implementation on his Metal Armor while Nuldel has Finished the Assets for the Pint Sized Slasher mask and Col Autums Duster.

2 - WU3q1jR.png
3 - iA5ajGN.png
4 - KN23Tuj.png
5 - xxVATmQ.png
7 - CSO2cVy.png
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10 - LXIy2dp.png
11 - wJSegOZ.png
12 - aclDYSw.png
13 - YB3b7Po.png
14 - fkYYS0o.png
16 - utmEHBz.png
15 - C2IP6tz.png

Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland is a Community Driven and Fan made project to rebuild and update Fallout 3 to the same Standard as Fallout 4. A Road to Liberty Project working along side Fallout : Cascadia and Fallout Junk Master.