Frequently Asked Questions

When will the project be finished/ What is the release date for this mod?

Impossible to answer. This is a huge project where many of the members and contributers only work when they have freetime outside of their daily lives.

Will you be adding ______?

Potentially, though not necessarily. Our primary focus is on finishing the base game with no DLC's, so excluding extra content from the GOTY edition we will be remaking everything within our power from weapons, armor, npc's, quests, and locations.

On the subject of DLC: We will be adding in only DLC specific locations that appear within the main Capital Wasteland Worldspace though there will be no DLC areas accessible until we decide to work on them or not.

As for cut content it will be situational on whether or not we feel it will add to the world we're creating, but it isn't something we're focusing on.

How is F4NV (Fallout 4: New Vegas) coming along?

We are not remaking Fallout: New Vegas. F4NV is being created by an entirely different team with entirely different goals. We wish them well, however, in their endeavors and can't wait to see more of their content!

What program are you using to do this?

Oh boy. We use a whole lot of tools for a whole lot of jobs. The more common ones are listed in the Recruitment page which is under the Project Info tab in the websites navigation.

Is this going to be on X-Box One/PS4/Gameboy Advance/Creation Club?

No, no, no, and no. Unfortunately this mod is WELL past the limitations for Bethesda.Net modifications for consoles and- well- quite frankly Creation Club just doesn't work that way. So no. And before you ask again- still no.

I can't mod/model/texture/script- is there anything I can do to help anyway?

Not directly, but there is always a way to help. For the Capital Wasteland project the best thing you could possibly do is spread the word. The more interest we have in the project consistantly the more willing we are to continue working and pushing out updates until we have a final product. You can find links to our Twitter, Reddit and Instagram linked below so feel free to share our web page to all of your friends, families and pets!

Will it have that one gross green filter?

The infamous 'green filter' from Fallout 3 is very integral to the overall look and feel of the Capital Wasteland- but no, we aren't going to have a green filter applied to the game the way the original did. We are, however, experimenting with the newest weather options in Fallout 4's CK to establish the same grimy and oppressive tone as the original without sacrificing the naturally beautiful look that Fallout 4 is capable of.

Will you be including settlements?

No. The original Fallout 3 was not created with settlements in mind and a lot of things would have to be reworked to accurately shove that feature in. However, there should be no reason mods that allow you to establish settlements anywhere you want shouldn't work with The Capital Wasteland.

We are, however, going to step up the player homes from the original Fallout 3 by bypassing the Themes system from the original to work in the same way the Homeplate in Diamond City from Fallout 4 works. Don't worry, you'll still get your heart bed and your weird hanging lesbian lantern.