The Capital Update | November 2017

     Welcome to the November project update for Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland. This month has been a very busy one for just about everyone active on the team. Recently we decided to Restart our main exterior world space because of size and scale issues. This was admittedly my fault and no one elses, There is some good coming from this though. Over the last week we have made more progress on the Main Capital Wasteland world space than we have over the past months. Some of this progress is shown below.
     This month also saw us begin the switch of our dev tracking tools, plenty of teething problems to come while we all figure it out. While all this is going on SikSikSikki has begun working on a Website for the project (that's where you are now! Shocker, I know.). It will include a gallery page, a recruitment page and a page where you can learn about the current team members.
     But we are not the only Project that has been making moves this month. Our friends over at Fallout : Cascadia have been hosting a Charity stream for Child's play Seattle over the course of the entire weekend. From time to time members of the Road to Liberty Team have taken over to give them a break.
     We also have much more planned for the community in the coming months including a number of Trailers and game play videos.

     To follow the project you can keep tuning in to the website here or you can follow us on Twitter, Reddit or Instagram through the social links at the bottom of all the pages on the website! You can also follow the project leader on Twitter @NafNaf_95

Four Score and One Head Later

Four Score and One Head Later

Gaaaary.... Gary? Awwww... Gary.

Gaaaary.... Gary? Awwww... Gary.


Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland is a Community Driven and Fan made project to rebuild and update Fallout 3 to the same Standard as Fallout 4. A Road to Liberty Project working along side Fallout : Cascadia and Fallout Junk Master.