Check out the Capital Wasteland through various snapshots of in-progress or finished pieces of the remake. From sleek and… Well… Rusty armor, to some of the more… fabulous? Locales in Washington D.C.


Week 1: Vault 101

Welcome to Vault 101, one of the many premier nuclear fallout shelters commissioned from Vault-Tec by the United States government before the Great War. What makes this one special? It’s your new home, underground. With such interesting characters like Overseer Almodovar, the angsty Butch DeLoria, and Andy the Mr. Handy- it’s really up to you to decide whether a vacation in the wasteland above is much preferable alternative.

The screenshots below only feature a few select parts of Vault 101, so keep your eyes out for more in future updates!

Level Design by ScottyX2
Scripting by HcGxGrill

The Gallery

Scroll through to see some of the great work from our artists, designers and programmers. The gallery will eventually become a little more streamlined once we have more work in different fields, but for now enjoy the variety below!