The Capital Update | August 2017

Welcome to the August Update! We've got good AND bad news this month so let's go ahead and get the bad out of the way.

     As some may know our Sister project Fallout 4 : New Vegas has collapsed in the past weeks because of poor management and crippling lack of modding knowledge, All hope is not lost though. A small group of the developers have persevered and corrected the mistakes of the past. Starting fresh and stronger than ever.
     One of my main level designers C411um has had to take some time away from the project due to family issues, All the best to him and i hope to see him return in the future.
     Now for the good. With Fallout 4 : New Vegas Collapsing some very talented people found their way to me. ToastyFresh has started work on Lincons Repeater, Ted is working on interiors, YallKnowWho will be taking on some exterior locations and Selassie is retexturing the wasteland.
     Alexh1 and JundersPlunket are smashing through any assets i throw at them, Some stuff is shown below but much more is coming.
     I would also like to Extend my thanks to Flenarn the lead of Fallout 4 : Cascadia for continued support in this. Without him we would be well up shit creek without a paddle. With his teams help we have been able to improve our workflow, This means i can now extend an invitation for anyone who has the ability to work within the creation kit to join us.

     If you are able to work on interiors, exteriors, script, or create assets- please feel free to join up with us by sending us a message through the Recruitment tab at the top of the page!