The Capital Update | June 2017

     This month has been a busy one for me, Plenty of Bank Holidays working behind the bar and family getting married but my amazing team has not slowed. Pumping out Quality content even while i was away.
     First thing id like to do is welcome the new Team Members. Joining us this month we have Alex4949,Rice Calculator and Kung Fu Man. Alex has joined the team with one thing in mind, The Enclave. He will be working on Raven rock and any other Enclave related Locations. Rice Calculator(Im Still unsure as to what a Rice Calculator is) Will be Working with Unoctium to provide Animated quest icons for all of the quests in Fallout 3. Finally Kung Fu Man is assisting my self with General Implementation and the Creation of New Weapons. Work from these three guys will be shown Below.
     Now at the End of last month i Published a Short Teaser Showing a few shots of the Capital Wasteland. I hope it gave people an idea of what to expect.
     Id also like to say thank you to LtCommander for allowing us to use his amazing Classic Sniper And GrinnginUrchen For allowing us to use his Mauser Pistol and you can find them yourself with the links below:
 LtCommander's Classic Rifle
GrinnginUrchen's Mauer

6 - etp95lu.png
7 - 2ZUJhHF.png
8 - iTYdlIr.png
Animated Quest Icons by RiceCalculator

Animated Quest Icons by RiceCalculator

Following In His Footsteps

Following In His Footsteps

18 - zqMVI7p.png
19 - 8RCDk5e.png