Welcome to Brotherhood REDACTED.
Music by Jonathan Coulton under the Creative Commons License


Episode 1:
A Path Less Travelled

A chance (one might even venture so far as to say RANDOM) encounter sets Jameson and Michaels on a new path.

Episode 2:
Outside Interference

NOTE: YouTube's compression destroyed this videos quality and there isn't much we can do about it unfortunately.
Michaels and Jameson find the town they've been looking for- But of course, nothing ever goes according to plan.

Episode 3:
A Knight in Rusting Armor

Tensions rise and feelings come to a boil as the Standoff at Stillriver comes to a head- Someone's gotta put an end to the tyranny, but who?

Episode 4:
The Great Divide

A great blow is dealt in the wake of Dane's death- meanwhile, sinister forces go to work in the shadows.

Allies can be found in the most unlikely places- and sometimes, instead, your allies find you.

Into each life...

Michaels and Lizzie make a daring break-in, unknowing of the powers at work behind the scenes.

Murder, torture, and treachary await Michaels and Lizzie in the confines of Black Scab's raider fortress.