Team Leads

A rag-tag motley crew of the worst modders the gaming world has to offer. Click on colored names to see their Nexus Mods profile where you can see more of their work!


Project Lead

A bartender hailing from the magical and widely unknown foreign land of Yorkshire, Naf has offered his services to many modding projects through out the years such as Beyond Skyrim, Awake:TROM, and Project Brazil(New California).


HCG X Grill : Co Project Lead

Fallout 3 was his first love but modding soon followed. Grill lends his time to the Tale of two wastelands project and many more. “I used to go out with a Welsh girl who had 36DDs. It was a ridiculously long name.”


TheFriedTurkey : Lead Character artist

TheFriedturkey , A self taught character artist from Yorkshire with a crippling addiction to holding chickens. Fallout and Elder scrolls run through his blood, it can cause some complications.


Medicaledical:3D Asset Lead

Medical has been practicing 3D arts since 2012 and it finally payed off. Outside Capital Wasteland, Medical is mostly known by his highly acclaimed creations in L4D2 modding scene. Medical is Film Noir aficionado and likes to think himself as the 2016 vintage mod sensation.


VA Casting

An angry Scotsman of the highest caliber. It's said that Unoctium, the lead Programmer for Road to Liberty, once programmed the meaning of life into existance before accidentally kicking the power cord to his computer, losing everything.


Community manager

Lord of Sinners, Public Relations, and Community Manager, Voidwalker is the tyrant dictator of the Road to Liberty community. He happily brings ruin to all that is fun and exciting.


CHarlie W : 2d Art Lead

Residing in North Cackalacky, the mad man is the 2D Art Lead for both the Capital Wasteland and Fallout 4 New Vegas. He creates detailed illustrations, 2d animations, and textures for the projects. He first fell in love with the series with Fallout 3 and has been hooked ever since.


ScottyX2: Interior Lead

Many will dream, and wake up. But Scotty thinks different. He's decided to take the whole bottle of sleeping pills and is just going to live the dream. He is our lead interior designer known most famously for his mod Fixed Alpha Maps...Which is a texture mod? Ironic

Road to LIBERTY Partners

The Men and Women that have helped the Road to Liberty team and shown their dedication.

Junders Plunket : EX 3D Lead

Zanthir : Ex Level Design Lead

XGamer468 : 3D Design

Nihito : EX Level Design Lead

SikSikSikky : Ex Media Lead

C1ph3rr : 3D Design

VoidK : Level Design

RyceKayeks : 3D Design

DogtoothCG : ex 3d Lead

Fallout 4 : The Capital Wasteland Contributors

People that actively help the project or have in the past.