Episode 1:
A Knight, A Paladin, and a Robot

When faced with problems from the past and a problem in the future- what are two barely-competent Brotherhood of Steel soldiers to do?

Episode 2:
Minor Technical

 Following an odd meeting with an out-of-place automaton, Paladin Jameson and Knight Michaels find themselves in the middle of Sentinel Site Prescott. But will the rest of the excursion be as smooth as it has been?

Episode 3:
It Hit The Fan

While Jameson works hard at trying to rectify a most unfortunate situation, Michaels reflects on the things that are really important in life- like what Jacobs is up to.

Episode 4:
The Inevitable Meltdown

Everything comes to a head in the penultimate episode of Brotherhood REDACTED Season 0 as a monster awakens from the depths of Sentinel Site Prescott.

Season 0 Finale:
We All Fall Down

The finale is here, and it would seem that all is well after Jameson, Michaels, and Lizzie are saved at last from Sentinel Site Prescott by Paladin Jacobs and his crack team of Rescue Rangers- But the good times never last, do they? GUEST STARRING JOSH YEBBA FROM SHODDYCAST!